The Art Of Edibles Patient Code of Conduct & Membership Agreement

In being a California compliant collective we are grateful that our neighbors and surrounding neighborhood welcomes and accepts us.  It is of the utmost importance for us to continue this symbiotic relationship of respect within our community. Therefore, we ask your cooperation to keep our organization in good standing and repute.

You must be at least18 years old with a valid State Issued Drivers License or valid State Issued ID in order to become a member of our collective. Please have your ID available for presentation when accepting a delivery order and whenever asked.

Please do not ask for any information other than operating hours over the phone. If you have questions, please ask them in person to one of the collective’s designated employees or through our online chat and email.

You must have a currently valid doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana. Recommendations must be renewed before they expire in order to place an order with our collective.

Use of medicinal marijuana while driving may result in charges of driving under the influence. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using marijuana.

Do not use or consume medicinal marijuana in your car, the surrounding neighborhood, or in any other public place, medical marijuana is currently designated for use only within your private residence.

You may not sell your medicine to others.

Please be as discrete as possible. Please place your medicine out of sight and out of reach of children.

Respect and show courtesy towards all staff, collective members, and your neighbors.

I agree to these rules and I understand that violations of these rules will result in immediate termination of my privileges within the collective.

I confirm that I am legally able to use, possess, and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. I understand that I am allowed to do so through safe and affordable access such as the type provided by The Art Of Edibles, therefore, designate The Art Of Edibles as my care provider for this purpose. In doing so, I agree to sign and follow all The Art Of Edibles’ rules and regulations.

I hereby declare that a licensed medical doctor recommended or approved my use of medical marijuana. I have been diagnosed with chronic pain, anxiety, or any other serious illness for which cannabis provides relief.

I further authorize The Art Of Edibles to create and/or assign agency rights in its own name for the purpose of growing medication and/or obtaining edible forms of medication for my benefit and on my behalf.

I also agree to pay all personal out-of-pocket expenses and reasonable compensation for The Art Of Edibles’ member services.

My contributions to The Art Of Edibles for and the prescribed medicinal products I may acquire from The Art Of Edibles are used to ensure the continued operation of The Art Of Edibles and that any said transaction in no way constitutes a commercial promotion or sale of any item.

I designate The Art Of Edibles, and their representatives, as my agents for the limited purpose of assisting me in obtaining my legally prescribed medicinal marijuana. I understand that this means The Art Of Edibles will be required to purchase, possess, transport and distribute my medication to me as prescribed by my physician and I grant them the limited authority to do so. I further authorize The Art Of Edibles to share their caregiver status of my person in order to enter into contracts to obtain and/or allow growth/preparation of medication and medicinal edibles for my benefit.

As a member, I understand that The Art Of Edibles has other members with similar Membership Agreements. I hereby authorize The Art Of Edibles to jointly possess the medical marijuana as described under this Agreement jointly with other The Art Of Edibles members under similar Membership Agreements.

I agree to provide The Art Of Edibles with all changes in my contact information, diagnosis, or primary physician immediately if/when they occur.

I understand that The Art Of Edibles has made no efforts in encouraging me to produce or use any substances for my medical condition. I have been informed by an authorized representative of The Art Of Edibles that I should continue to seek professional medical advice prior to and during my use of any cannabis product I may acquire through The Art Of Edibles.

I understand that The Art Of Edibles was organized to fill the necessity of medical cannabis. I further understand that circumstances may require defense of authorization in a court of law and agree to participate in such defense to the extent necessary and practicable.  I understand that The Art Of Edibles reserves the right to refuse service(s) to members. I affirm that I am above eighteen (18) years of age or have the consent of my parent/guardian, and that I have a medical condition(s) that is benefitted by the medical usage of marijuana as confirmed by my medical physician in the form of a recommendation.

I understand that my contributions to The Art Of Edibles and the corresponding products or services I may acquire from the organization, are used to insure continued operation of The Art Of Edibles and that this transaction, in no way, constitutes commercial promotion or a for-profit business.

I authorize The Art Of Edibles to acknowledge the fact of my membership, when needed, for the preservation of my medical rights under the Compassionate use Act of 1996.

I authorize The Art Of Edibles to add my email address onto the main The Art Of Edibles mailing list, knowing that I can easily remove myself at any time with the unsubscribe option in any of the marketing emails received.  I acknowledge that my email will be added to the mailing list as soon as I register as a member and/or place my first order.

I understand that medical marijuana, while being a well-known effective therapeutic agent, is still federally illegal in this country.

I do now release, acquit, and forever discharge The Art Of Edibles herein referred to as owner, of The Art Of Edibles from all actions, claims, demands, or damages accruing to me from any known or unknown injury, loss, or damage sustained by or to me. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Art Of Edibles from any injuries or damages resulting from use or misuse of medical marijuana obtained from The Art Of Edibles.

By clicking the “Agree” button or checkbox in the The Art Of Edibles registration process, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to all terms of the The Art Of Edibles Patient Code of Conduct & Membership Agreement.  I accept all the statements listed in this agreement and acknowledge that to be a verified member of The Art Of Edibles I will have to sign a physical copy of this code of conduct & membership agreement during the initial in person verification appointment.